How to relax your mind after a ridiculously hard day at work

Learning to relax the mind is something that everyone can benefit from. It helps you clear your head and purge thoughts you don't need to contaminate your thinking.

I had a ridiculously difficult day at work? Check out this guide for some easy ways to relax your mind after a crazy and confusing day at work.

How often do you utter these words on the way home from work? We all have it had that feeling of anxiety as well as a heavy head. After an impossible day at the office, it can be hard to settle your thoughts and relax your mind.

It affects not only your mood, but also your actions and health. You feel rushed, brain-scattered and nervous, even though you are at home in what should be your safe place to enjoy and recharge.

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Here are 10 ways to relax your mind after a crazy day at work:

1. Spend some time outdoors

It's no coincidence that health retreats and many rehabilitation facilities are based in places rooted in nature. The outdoors makes the body and mind good!

When I'm feeling anxious about an upcoming event or session with a new client, simply taking my dog for a 15-minute walk changes my perspective.

There's something about feeling the fresh air on your skin and seeing how big the world is that puts your worries and self-perception into perspective. Just being outside instantly improves your psychological health. But exercise—even light, low-intensity movements—has also been shown to have significant effects on your physical health.

The next time you want to quickly relax your mind, take a walk around the block or just sit outside on your porch. You can also crouch down for a few moments to gather your thoughts while you watch the rest of the world go by.

2. Relax your mind by reading

Losing yourself in a story other than your own is not only distracting, but a relaxing activity. Grab whatever book you want to read now, perhaps an old favorite or just a magazine, and find a comfortable, quiet place to rest for a while and enjoy.

You can feel better in a few minutes, or you can even be captivated, time passes and emerge as a new person in an hour. It will probably take a few minutes for your mind to focus on what you're thinking. Read on, but give it time and you'll feel your mind and body relax.

3. Try a hot shower

A hot shower or bath will relieve tension and soothe tight, tired muscles, like your neck and shoulders, when you're stressed. Showers are very beneficial as they allow your mind to wander.

When your body relaxes, your mind will be more open and creative. You just might find solutions after all, the best ideas really do come in the shower to the stress of your work day, or at the very least, to focus on something more positive about your day.

4. Get Cozy: Take a Cat Nap

When you get home, change into more comfortable clothes or your favorite shirt and find a cozy place to relax. Throw pillows on your bed, curl up on the couch, or bring a soft blanket to your favorite chair. Take a breath and allow yourself to be inactive.

Close your eyes. Even if you don't fall asleep, relax your mind so it doesn't focus on stressors in your environment. Set an alarm if you are afraid of falling asleep for a long time, BUT allow yourself at least 20 minutes to soak in lala-land .

5. Tune in to some relaxing music

A guilty pleasure or a current favorite, it doesn't matter, just get the music flowing . Listen with your headphones on OR blast it out with the stereo. Do everything you can when you leave the office.

Listening to music has been shown to reduce anxiety, so experiment with different styles you like—from classical, uptempo, slow acoustic, or gospel—to find what relaxes you the fastest.

6. Call a Lifeline

We all have those friends and family members that have a calming effect on us. Whether they provide solid advice, provide a comic distraction, or are just great listeners, use them to your advantage when you're having a ridiculously crazy day.

If you're ready to talk about what's stressing you out, let him. But if he's still too close to home, let them know he's had a bad day and needs a distraction.

Your work stress will be reduced to a minimum and the chat should help relax your mind. You may even enjoy hearing about the crazy thing that happened to them or find yourself telling a funny story from the past.

7. Gym Quickie

People immediately classify exercise as a weight management tool which can be, but should not be overlooked as a stress management tool as well, and a very effective one at that!

According to the Mayo Clinic , exercise has been shown to decrease stress in a number of ways: from boosting self-confidence to hitting feel-good neurotransmitters , known as endorphins .

"Scientists have found that regular participation in aerobic exercise has been shown to lower overall stress levels, elevate and stabilize mood, improve sleep, and improve self-esteem. Even five minutes of aerobic exercise can stimulate anti-anxiety effects." - American Anxiety and Depression Association

Join a class in a studio or find a YouTube video at home to follow along. You can also try any bodyweight workout. The important thing is just to move! It can be yoga, running, strength training or barre, anything to get your endorphins flowing and your mind on something positive.

8. Disconnect to relax your mind

Your phone and email are very tempting, so turn it off or put it in another room. Out. Find a quiet place in the house to sit down and reconnect with yourself outside of work.

9. Get creative

Have you ever been so involved in a project like cooking, reading, writing, or solving puzzles that an hour goes by without warning?

This is known as the flow state. Getting into a creative flow has similar effects on the brain as meditation, reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, and producing dopamine - a natural antidepressant. Choose something to do with your hands and allow yourself to get lost in it.

10. Meditate

You don't have to be a professional to get the benefits of meditation. Even 5 minutes of calm, focused breathing will have positive effects on your stress levels, blood pressure, and mood.

If you're feeling too scattered or new to do self- guided meditation— I still am! Try a free app like Stop, Breathe, and Think, where you can choose the focus and length of your meditation. These simple practices will take you through breathing techniques that will relax not only your body, but your mind as well.

No matter what your job is, there will be stressful days where you can't seem to see the end. She can leave the office, but his mind is still clicking on all the events that have unfolded. He comes home exhausted and irritated, unable to focus on what is really important; your outer work life.

One of my favorite quotes is applicable to this very scenario:

"It's not stress that kills us, it's our reaction."

How do you relax your mind after a hard day at work?

Try one or a few of these techniques the next time you have a ridiculously stressful day at work and find out which one is best for relaxing your mind!

How do you relax your mind after a long day at work? Do you have any other tips to add? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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